2018 CAPA

Presentations (* = refereed; # = invited)

“The Boundaries of Honesty and Dishonesty”

  • *2023 APA Eastern Division (Symposium)

“Deception in Human Subject Research”

  • #2023 Korean Society of Ethics (한국 윤리학회)
  • *2022 World Congress of Bioethics

“Honesty: Respect for the Right Not to be Deceived”

  • *2022 Jubilee Center Annual Conference
  • 2022 Honesty Project Conference
  • *2022 APA Central Division
  • #2021 Korean Society of Ethics (한국 윤리학회)

“Friendship and Relational Virtue”

  • 2021 Sungkyunkwan University (성균관대학교)
  • 2021 Sogang University (서강대학교)

“Courage and Nursing”

“더 이상 ‘홀몸’이 아니다’ – 코로나19가 바꾸는 우리의 윤리적 관계”

  • 한국 윤리학회 2020

“Autonomy and Non-Intrusion” (with David Wendler)

  • 2020 Work in Progress (WIP) Seminar, NIH

“Vices in Autonomous Paternalism: The Case of Advance Directives and Dementia”

  • *2020 World Congress of Bioethics (WCB)                                                                                        [Winner of Mark S. Ehrenreich Prize in Healthcare Ethics Research for the best paper (Asia)]
  • #2020 Penn Bioethics Seminar, University of Pennsylvania
  • #2020 Korean Bioethics Association

“Grieving Virtuously: Zhuangzi-ist Views and Beyond”

  • *2020 APA Pacific Division, Society for Asian and Comparative Philosophy (accepted)
  • *2019 Korean Society of Ethics

“The Value of Filial Love”

  • 2019 North Carolina Philosophical Society 

“Gratitude for Being and Filial Piety”

  • *2019 APA Eastern Division
  • *2018 Rocky Mountains Ethics Congress (RoME)

“Against Duty to Love”

“What is a Relational Virtue?”

  • *2018 Korean Society for Philosophy East-West
  • *2018 Korean Society for Analytic Philosophy
  • *2018 APA Eastern Division (accepted)
  • *2017 UIUC Graduate Philosophy Conference

“Solving the Puzzle of Partiality”

  • *2016 Florida Philosophical Association

“Ethical Demandingness and Partiality”

  • 2016 Work in Progress (WIP) Seminar, Duke University

“Friendship and Epistemic Partiality”

  • #2017 The Center for Comparative Philosophy, Workshop Series
  • *2016 APA Central Division
  • *2016 North Carolina Philosophical Society
  • *2015 Illinois Philosophical Association

“Virtue, Virtuous Activity, and Moral Self-Indulgence”

  • *2015 South Carolina Society for Philosophy
  • *2015 Jubilee Center Annual Conference: Varieties of Virtue Ethics, Oxford
  • #2015 The Humility Workshop, Duke University

“Trustfulness as a Risky Virtue”

  • *2015 Korean Philosophical Association (KPA), Seoul
  • 2015 Work in Progress (WIP) Seminar, Duke University
  • *2014 Pittsburgh Area Philosophy Colloquium
  • *2014 Indiana Philosophical Association
  • *2014 Northern Graduate Philosophy Conference

“The Virtue of Modesty and Self-Evaluation”

  • *2013 Joint Session of the Aristotelian Society & The Mind Association, Postgraduate Session
  • *2013 Understanding Value Conference
  • #2013 MADLAB Talk, The Kenan Institute for Ethics, Duke University
  • *2014 North Carolina Philosophical Society
  • *2014 Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Moral Psychology
  • 2014 Moral Psychology Research Group, Duke University

“Three Conditions for Modesty”

  • 2012 The Ockham Society, Oxford University

“Knowing the Value of Oneself and Virtue”

  • 2012 The Ockham Society, Oxford University

“The Value-Realization Theory of Well-Being”

  • 2012 The Ockham Society, Oxford University

“Virtue Ethics and Egoism”

  • 2011 The Ockham Society, Oxford University

“What Does it Take to Be Virtuous?”

  • *2008 XXII World Congress of Philosophy, Seoul


  • Junhyo Lee (USC), “What’s Wrong with Deepfake Pornography?” 2022 Korean Society for Analytic Philosophy (한국분석철학회)
  • Mica Rapstine (U of Houston), “No One You Kill Is a Stranger” 2020 Central APA
  • Carissa Phillips-Garrett (LMU), “Honor and Virtue” 2018 Rocky Mountain Ethics Congress
  • Paul Bloomfield (UConn), “Humility Is Not a Virtue” 2018 Central APA
  • Sukaina Hirji (Virginia Tech), “Aristotle on the Connection Between Virtue and Happiness” 2016 CCP & GAI Joint Workshop, Duke University
  • Caleb Perl (USC), “Consequentialism in Reflective Equilibrium” 2016 Eastern APA
  • Teresa Britton (Eastern Illinois U), “Apology and Empathy” 2015 Illinois PA
  • Max G. Parish (U of Oklahoma), “Neo-Aristotelian Ethical Naturalism and the Normativity Objection” 2014 Indiana PA