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Hi! My name is Sungwoo Um (엄성우). I’m an Assistant Professor in the Department of Ethics Education at Seoul National University. Before joining SNU, I was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Department of Bioethics in the National Institutes of Health (NIH)I’ve received a PhD in the Philosophy Department at Duke University, where I served as the Assistant Director of the Center for Comparative Philosophy (CCP). I also have philosophy degrees from Oxford University (BPhil; 2-year master’s) and Yonsei University (BA and MA).

I work primarily in ethics, applied ethics (esp. bioethics), and social and political philosophy. I also have considerable research interest and teaching competency in the history of ethics and Chinese and comparative philosophy. My philosophical journey has been an endeavor to harmonize virtue and happiness in a good human life with a focus on the interpersonal and social aspects. 

My works have been published in Philosophical Studies, Australasian Journal of Philosophy, and American Philosophical Quarterly. And I have been awarded the Mark S. Ehrenreich Prize in Healthcare Ethics Research for the best paper (Asia) from 15th World Congress of Bioethics, Moha Analytic Philosophy Award (2022) from Koren Society for Analytic Philosophy, and NIH Director’s Award (2022) from NIH. Currently I’m participating in the Honesty Project funded by John Templeton Foundation

SNU X NAVER X EBS: 생각의 열쇠, 천개의 키워드 강연 영상 (겸손/Modesty (lecture subtitle))

Please email me at sungwoou@gmail.com.


  • 서울대학교 윤리교육과 조교수 (서양윤리학)
  • 前 미국 국립보건원(NIH) 생명윤리과 박사후연구원
  • 듀크대 박사 (철학), 옥스퍼드대 석사 (철학), 연세대 학석사 (철학)
  • 연구분야: 윤리학, 생명윤리, 서양윤리학사, 정치철학, 비교철학
  • 박사논문: “The Virtues of Intimate Relationships (친밀한 인간관계의 덕목)”
  • 주요논문: “Modesty as an Executive Virtue (실행적 덕목으로서의 겸손)” (2019), “Gratitude for Being (존재에 대한 감사)” (2020), “What is a Relational Virtue? (관계적 덕목이란 무엇인가?)” (2021) 외 다수
  • 역서: <밀의 공리주의> (2014, 철학과 현실사)
  • 수상경력:

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